Who doesn’t love a cool yoga tattoo? With at least 5,000 years of spiritual tradition, yoga has plenty to draw from (“I’m here all week, folks….”) when you’re considering how you want to display your love for the practice. No matter what your personal style, there’s a gorgeous and inspired yoga tattoo for everyone. Check out these beauties from Instagram.

Buddha and Om

This yoga tattoo is gorgeous. Yes, we’ve all seen the ubiquitous Om tattoo, but this is definitely a fresh take on it. The shimmery tattoo in really sets this one off.

A photo posted by Josh Herrera (@jh_tattoo) on

Girl on Mat

This unique tattoo is a hip break from the usual yoga-inspired art. I’m sure there’s more meaning to this tattoo than I am catching, but I love the style.

A photo posted by anki. (@suenanki) on

Colorful Lotus Yoga Tattoo

I love how the color makes this Lotus tattoo pop. Cool placement, too.

A photo posted by Siobhan Boismier (@ewfw_) on

Henna-Inspired Mandala

Mandalas seem tailor-made for yoga tattoos. I love the nod to henna tattoos that this one makes with the placement on the foot and the organic line texture.

Ganesh & Hamsa Hand

Ganesh (the remover of obstacles) + the Hamsa Hand (good luck) = Super Awesome Yoga tattoo
This one has been beautifully rendered.

A photo posted by Threshold (@thresholdtattoos) on


This pretty line art tattoo of Shiva is amazing. I love how it fills her back almost completely! Talk about dedication.

A photo posted by @orient_tattoo on

Ganesh: Now in Color!

I love the bright colors in this gorgeous half sleeve yoga tattoo of Ganesh.

A photo posted by Johnny Nasello (@johnnyfit) on

The Chakras

This is a beautiful tattoo for anyone who identifies with the concept of the chakras. Perfect for a kundalini practitioner.

Sanskrit, Lotus & Blackness

I absolutely love this yoga tattoo. The full black is super hot. The placement and execution is on point.

A photo posted by @orient_tattoo on

Buddha & Hanuman

The colorful lotuses alternating with the black ink portraits of Buddha and Hanuman create a beautiful visual rhythm in this tattoo.

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