Private Yoga Instruction


Whether you are a new yoga student or an experienced yogi,

private sessions can help you take your practice to the next level.


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[av_dropcap2 color=”default”]T[/av_dropcap2]he best way to advance your practice, whether you are just beginning or just beginning to plateau, is to have a private yoga session. Nothing rivals the one-on-one attention to alignment and form that a private session provides.

Sessions are custom tailored to help you meet your goals, whether physical or spiritual. Sports-focused privates, including yoga for golfers, include a range of motion test as a benchmark for measuring improvements in flexibility. Allie will guide you through your private session providing goal-oriented sequencing and hands-on adjustments.

Private and small group classes may be held at Ho-Ho-Kus Yoga or at your home or office.


Corporate Yoga

The modern work environment can be detrimental to your health. Working at a computer all day can throw your neck and back out of whack. Couple ergonomic issues with stress and you’re ready for a vacation. Taking a yoga break can help you get centered, improve focus and reduce fatigue. If you would like to bring a corporate yoga class into your institution, contact Allie for more information.

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Yoga gives me an outlet to release stress and regain focus and serenity. I have also benefitted from increased flexibility and strength, which I feel has helped protect me from injury during other activities.
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Allie’s kind heart, strength of character and wish to help others is evident in her life and teaching.

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Not ready to schedule a private yoga session quite yet?
Come to a class and see what it’s all about!

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