Vinyasa Yoga

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Vinyasa Yoga connects postures together by moving with the breath.

The result is a deeply-focused, moving meditation.


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[av_dropcap2 color=”default”]V[/av_dropcap2]inyasa means “to place in a special way.” This style of yoga links various postures together with flowing movement synchronized with the breath. Each posture links to the next in creative, energizing sequences that challenge the body and mind.

During a Vinyasa Yoga class, Allie gives clear direction and provides verbal or hands-on alignment corrections, as necessary. Her classes are creative and fun and encourage students to work at their own level, while providing a space for growth.


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For Beginner Students

Allie’s classes are geared towards all students. When we come together to practice yoga we create a special energy that encourages us to stay committed. Beginner students benefit from practicing with more seasoned students. Modifications will be given, as necessary, so that everyone is able to participate in class at their own level.

For Intermediate and Advanced Students

More advanced yoga practitioners will be offered modifications that encourage a deeper exploration of specific postures. Students are empowered to develop their practice mindfully.

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After years of off and on attendance in yoga classes, I stumbled upon a Vinyasa class. The attention to breath, mindful movement and creative sequencing truly spoke to me. I knew I was in the right place for my soul.