A consistent yoga practice creates the mental and emotional space to process our experiences.

In our culture people wear their busyness as a status symbol. As a result, we have lost touch with our physical beings and our connection to the greater human experience. This feeling of isolation can lead to all sorts of unhealthy behaviors and mental attitudes. We all suffer from doubt, shame, and the effects of a negative inner voice. The effects of these powerful emotions can manifest as low self esteem, co-dependency, or even substance abuse.

Therapy, counseling, and even 12 step programs address the behaviors, but none of them address our physical being. During a Recover yoga class you are invited to process physically on the yoga mat what you have been tackling on the inside. Through meditative movement with a focus on healing, we begin to reawaken to our physical selves.

By staying physically present through our emotional state, breathing and moving, we become mindful of our own divinity within. We begin to recognize that we are all part of the human species and we are all connected.

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Allie’s kind heart, strength of character and wish to help others is evident in her life and teaching.

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