Power Yoga

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Who knew you could sweat, groove, and raise your heart rate in a yoga class?

Power Yogis, that’s who!


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[av_dropcap2 color=”default”]O[/av_dropcap2]riginally developed in the US in the 1990’s, power yoga is based on the Ashtanga tradition. It is a unique approach to vinyasa yoga that raises the heart rate, keeps you moving, and gives you a great workout. Focused on strength and flexibility, this challenging form of yoga will push you to your edge.

Allie’s power yoga classes are fun and energetic. Modern music and clear cueing keep you moving while you breath your way to mental clarity. Postures are held in order to improve strength. Expect a full body work out that leaves you feeling centered and balanced.

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Yoga gives me an outlet to release stress and regain focus and serenity. I have also benefitted from increased flexibility and strength, which I feel has helped protect me from injury during other activities.
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Allie’s kind heart, strength of character and wish to help others is evident in her life and teaching.