Practiced in a room heated above 95 degrees fahrenheit,

Hot Yoga allows the muscles to stretch more easily and burns more calories.

Hot Yoga has grown in popularity in the last several years. It was originally based on Bikram Yoga, which is practiced in a heated room and involves the repetition of a specific set of 26 postures. Hot Yoga, or Hot Vinyasa Flow Yoga, allows for more creativity in sequencing and more leniency in room temperature, often practiced below the 100+ degree temperatures dictated by Bikram.

Classes are physically challenging, but the heated room allows for more range of motion and deeper stretching and release. Ever feel like you just can’t get your fingers and toes warm? Hot Yoga will get you moving and raise your body temperature. Expect to sweat (a mat towel, a hand towel and a bottle of water are recommended) and burn calories. If you want to see results, hot yoga is the way to go.

Yoga gives me an outlet to release stress and regain focus and serenity. I have also benefitted from increased flexibility and strength, which I feel has helped protect me from injury during other activities.

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