Yoga translates to “Union.” It is through garnering control over the

physical body that we attain inner peace, that we unify our body, mind and spirit.

With it’s origins in ancient India, yoga encourages us to calm and clear our minds with the goal of attaining lasting inner peace. Though what we westerners consider yoga is mostly the physical postures you see people performing on their yoga mats, all the heavy lifting, the real work of yoga, occurs in the mind.

During a yoga class we practice physical postures that push us to our limits, increasing our physical flexibility and strength. By synchronizing our movements with our breath, and focusing on deep breathing while holding challenging postures, we create stillness and single-pointed focus in our minds. It’s no coincidence that yoga has been called moving meditation.

There are many different styles of yoga with just as many specialties.

Vinyasa Yoga

The term Vinyasa can be broken down to mean “to place in a special way.” During Vinyasa Yoga we move, or flow, with our breath between postures. This creates a meditative atmosphere where the movements become like a graceful dance.
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Power Yoga

Expect to get a great workout in Allie’s power yoga classes. These classes move at a quicker pace and are designed to strengthen your muscles, improve flexibility and balance and raise your heart rate. Fun, energetic sequencing and lively music make this an uplifting way to get your stretch on.
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Hot Yoga

This Vinyasa-style class is taught in a room heated to approximately 95 degrees with 60% humidity. The heat helps prepare the body for deeper flexibility and release. Sweating helps the body remove toxins and refreshes the skin. Bring a towel and plenty of water to drink.
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Private Yoga Instruction

Private or semi-private yoga sessions can help you advance your personal yoga practice or create a good foundation for your beginning practice. Experience the difference one-on-one instruction can make in helping you attain your goals.
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Yoga gives me an outlet to release stress and regain focus and serenity. I have also benefitted from increased flexibility and strength, which I feel has helped protect me from injury during other activities.

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Allie’s kind heart, strength of character and wish to help others is evident in her life and teaching.

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